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Quality Toys Online is a division of Web Store Pty Ltd
ABN - 99 148 216 488

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Quality Toys
PO Box 231,
Dingley Village, VIC, 3172

Email: sales@qualitytoys.com.au
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The Team

Sarah McCawley

Sarah is a busy Mum with a 2 year old and 3 year old. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Recreation and has done much study into the benefits of children’s play in stimulating their mental and physical development. Sarah is also the President of a playgroup with a membership of over 100 children.

Jenny Haydon

Jenny is a Mother of 6 and Grandmother of 8 children under 5 years old. Jenny brings over 35 years of child raising experience and is instrumental in advising us in the toy selection process.

Malinda Dolling

Malinda is a Mother of 2 children and is a visual merchandiser with an amazing eye for detail when it comes to selecting and presenting quality products.

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